Read Why You Should Buy Lumia 950 Mobile Phone ? Now

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Read Why You Should Buy Lumia 950 Mobile Phone ? Now

Why You Should Buy Lumia 950 Mobile Phone ?

Microsoft Lumia 950 is now on the market. For a long time, there was no any flagship phone from Lumia. When Samsung Galaxy S series or Apple iPhone is released their phone they fall into the huge discussion. But it’s did not happen in the case of Lumia. However, the history was made with Lumia, the flagship Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL has been released. It’s a very powerful mobile device by any standards. The Lumia 950 has the best mobile camera today. Today I am going to talk about why you should buy Lumia 950. So let’s start

Reasons To Buy Lumia 950

  • Powerful performance
  • The best camera feature
  • Windows Mobile 10
  • Premium design
  • Windows hello iris scanner
  • Mobile computing feature
  • Lots of additional features

Powerful performance of Lumia 950

First up the Lumia 950 has Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 Hexa-core processor time to 1800 MHz. This is the rather large jump in performance in the old quad-core Snapdragon 800 found in the Lumia 930. It also has 3GB of ram. It has 32GB of internal storage with micro SD take 200GB of expandable storage. Now you can do anything you like with this awesome super speedy performance. You can play high-end games, store thousands of pictures and also will get greater multitasking experience. And you can use your Lumia 950 as a computer. Isn’t it cool? Also, it has a lightweight about only 150 g. Lumia 950 can easily adjust into your pocket.

The best camera feature

You know that Lumia devices are famous for great camera feature. The Lumia 950 has 20.0 MP main camera feature with natural flash and also has full HD 5 MP wide angle front camera can shoot best pictures ever. Microsoft back with latest photographic technology as PureView. It includes Zeiss lenses mechanical optical images stabilization and high-end flash. I can confidently say that the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL do have some the best cameras on a phone. It’s can give you sharp images with original color experience. With new triple LED flash, you can shoot images with natural colors. It also has a high regulation zoom and refocus technology. You can adjust the brightness of flash after taking a photo. More importantly the new Microsoft camera app and Snapdragon processor finally give fast results both for launching the camera taking photos rapidly.

Windows Mobile 10

One of the best reasons to buy Lumia 950 is Windows Mobile 10. With Microsoft’s new mobile OS, you can get extreme experience if you like to do something different. Now you can able to set more tiles more customization options and much more. Windows Mobile 10 has universal apps feature. You can use all most all apps between PCs and mobile devices. Also, Lumia 950 features best Cortana experience.Windows 10 mobile delivered the apps that you need. Windows 10 mobile operating system is pretty great. The good news is we don’t have to wait six months or a year for a new OS update. Windows as a service means you always constantly evolving gets frequent updates. I really like Windows 10 mobile and I feel it is the right evolution of the Microsoft design language.

Premium design

The Lumia 950 is designed with matt polycarbonate plastics. And of course, it’s not all bad to me. This phone is pretty great to hold and use. This phone has 8.2 mm thickness and it really gives you the best user confidence. It’s height about 145 mm and 73.2 mm wide. The matt white design really very impressive. When you buy this phone you really feel that you’re buying something quality.

Windows hello

Biometrics for modern computing is the ability to use physical characteristics for security purposes. To big trend in mobile and feature prominently Microsoft’s own Windows hello and includes a scanning fingerprint reading and an iris scanner. Fingerprint scanners at the preferred technology for phone unlocking. And it can be found in the new iPhone Samsung galaxy and even HTC devices. For some reason, Microsoft went down the road of an iris scanner for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Using near-infrared camera along with the standard five megapixels Lumia 950 can unlock your phone just by gazing deeply at the display for a second or two. Once recognized your lock screen dismissed automatically. And it’s a brand new feature by Lumia devices. Iris scanner is really fast. And it’s definitely best from fingerprint scanner. In terms of privacy, Windows hello does not take a picture of your eyes or irises. Nor does it send any information to the cloud. Instead scanning creates an encrypted hash and stored on the phone. So is it better than a fingerprint reader? Definitely yes. If you want to check this cool feature then you must buy Lumia 950.

Mobile Computing

Now Lumia 950 users can connect their phone up to a large display and use it like a computer. Universal Windows 10 apps can auto scale to the large display. You can even connect a mouse and keyboard up to complete the experience. Of the phone powers the display you can use the phone continues to use the phone separately. Including making calls and getting charge with charger system. If you want to use your mobile as primary computing device then you should buy Lumia 950.

Latest Display Technology

Lumia 950 offered 5.2 Inch 2560X1440 AMOLED clear black display with Gorilla Glass 3 in an oppressive 564 PPI for outstanding color and clarity. You can experience super high definition display quality. This latest display is ideal for HD video or high-end gaming performance.

Additional Features

Lumia 950 has lots of additional features. Such as Peer-to-peer sharing, NFC, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, Wireless charging and many more.

Last Words

So should buy Lumia 950? If you’re already Lumia user who really likes Windows Phone then Lumia 950 is kind of your dream device. In terms of specs and features as everything under the hood. Expandable memory, wireless charging, a fast processor, large battery, excellent display and arguably the best mobile camera yet. With Lumia 950 and 950 XL you can expand your life.

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