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Information Nokia is dead - Read Now

Nokia Corporate Logo
            It is really heart breaking. The popular name Nokia is no more. Now the Company’s mobile business has become converted as Microsoft Mobile which is one of the secondary businesses of Microsoft Cop. On 2014 April 25th was the last day of the Company. The Microsoft acquires with an amount of $7.5bn (£4.46bn) deal for Nokia's mobile phone handset businesses and its marvelous design team too. Nokia also sold their huge manufacturing and assembly divisions and operations, and sales and marketing support. According to the deal, Microsoft will acquire 25,000 Nokia employees in 50 countries and More than 4,000 employees in Finland. The bad new is about half of their total employs are forced to resign.  Nokia's Helsinki headquarters will be re-named. Earlier both companies have partnership for designing Nokia Lumia Mobileseries and a successful. 

End of an Era

                    So many years Nokia led the world phone market. They introduced several popular designs and features. But after the successful launch of Google Android platforms, the smart phone market suddenly changed and Nokia dropped seriously. Nokia’s self-designed operating systems are not in a good standing. At last Nokia feel such a failure and signed a contract agreement to Google. Google Android provides their service for Nokia mobiles recently. Nokia X was the first Android-Nokia venture. But it is too late and the combined venture becomes a confused statement.
Nokia 3310
Nokia's Popular 3310 Model

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